Bridge Railing Crash Barriers

Safely on the Roads

Bridge Railing Crash Barriers

Safely on the Roads

BRB systém

The company BRB systém, s.r.o. is relatively young company that was founded for the purpose to supply and assembly crash barrier systems. The company goal is to deliver supplies “just in time” maintaining the highest quality that is the company's high priority resulting in satisfied customer. We cooperate with reputable European companies that guarantee the approved and certified supplies for our customers.

Due to the reason to provide as comprehensive supplies as possible that is nowadays required, we have established partnership cooperation with other companies of similar specialization. Thus, we can offer comprehensive supply systems even in the most demanding projects on highways and dual carriage ways to our customers.

The advantage for the customer is mainly the conclusion of a single contract with a single supplier at optimum cost.

Our significant partners are following companies

ArcelorMittal, Ostrava, a.s.
Volkmann - Rossbach, Germany
HEINTZMANN Group, Germany

All the above mentioned systems that our company supply and install are authorized for use on a ground communications in Slovakia. After completion of the property, our company provides relevant certificates and declaration about specifications at the systems installed by our company.

The company BRB systém, s.r.o. holds ISO Certifications

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management Systems

Our assemblers are regularly re-trained in OSH.